Interracial Phone Play

Trust me, we all want to experience interracial fucking. Most people store nasty little fantasies about having sex with someone who is different than them. Now you can turn that fantasy into reality from the comfort of your home by picking up your mobile device and calling into the best adult phone chat. You can meet hot white women who are pining after black men. These white women who love black men will do anything you ask and have fun with you after a simple hello on the phone.

The cheap adult sex chat is open 24/7 with many opportunities for freaky fun. No matter what your desires are you can find your match here. Just start talking to others about what your desires are and soon enough you’ll find someone who likes your particular flavor. Then you can take it from here. I’ve had some of the wildest phone sex simply by being open enough to try out new things. Also by experiencing what’s foreign to you, it not only takes away the fear that may be around it, it also allows you to understand and develop a better relationship to that side of your unexplored sexuality.

There are many ways to experience sensual pleasures and the chatlines provide an outlet that’s safe, fun, and unique. Don’t knock something before you experience it for yourself. Have fun and really learn more about what you want and what you could leave alone. Knowing your boundaries and desires will help you in future relationships and phone chat is the perfect way to explore that and understand yourself better.

Have all the interracial phone sex that you want and learn to be respectful of people who may have different perspectives but also may have a lot in common that is often overlooked. Try new things and you will learn new things not only about yourself but about humanity, the opposite sex, and sexuality.

Use Your Creative Centers With Others

As adults, many of us get stuck in a routine and just go through the motions without considering why maintaining a way to be creative and use your imagination is important. Luckily, you can change that by engaging in conversations with other people on the phone sex chat. To get started, pick up your mobile and dial one of the free phone sex numbers. Every time you call you will be connected with someone new and you can take a few moments getting to know one another. Then you can make a determination on whether you want to spend more time with him or her. If for some reason you wish to end the call, say goodbye and do so. The single chat lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can redial the chat line number and speak with someone new whenever it works for you.

If you act now, you can even take advantage of the phone sex trial. That’s the best way to experience the chat lines if you’re new to the platform because it allows you to experience the benefits for absolutely free! When you meet someone you connect well with, you will likely feel comfortable speaking about what you desire and what you’re interested in experiencing sexually. From there, you can take it wherever you want. It all starts with a conversation and ends however you and your phone friend choose.

There really is no wrong way to experience phone sex and using your imagination is all a part of the fun. Open up and try something new as you may learn new things about yourself and others. You may even open the door to exploring something you knew nothing about prior to a call. People on the phone sex chat line come from all kinds of places and like all kinds of things, so really no experience will be the same.

How to Get the Phone Sex Started

Are you new to the free adult phone trials? If so you may need some tips on how to talk dirty in an adult chat line, specifically how to transition from phone chat to phone sex. This blog offers suggestions on how to do that smoothly. The number one thing to keep in mind is to be authentic and have fun. Talk about things you enjoy and express yourself by being you and sharing the things that you are truly interested in.

To get started and to give phone sex a try calling one of these anonymous sex numbers from your mobile. You will be connected to someone right away and then can see how the conversation flows. If you’re connecting well, it will be easy to express what you desire. Be sure to give equal time to what your phone friend wants by using active listening skills. You may want to get to know your phone pal for a few moments before getting into phone sex or you may just want to go straight for the sexuality. No matter what you do, it’s okay on the chat lines.

The local adult chat room numbers can be dialed any time of the day or night and you will always be connected to someone new. So if you have a weak connection with someone on the chatlines, end the call and redial to connect to someone who you will likely have a better feel for.

One way for a smooth transition is to ask lighthearted questions that are slightly sensual in nature and see how your phone friend responds. You may ask something like, what are you wearing or what were your past lovers like. Depending on how your phone friend answers, you could take it from there. You could also share what you’re wearing, how you’re feeling, or what your past sex life has been like. By dropping hints, your phone pal will likely get the picture and respond in kind.

Sometimes you can be direct and ask a flat out a highly sexual question or tell a very sexy story. Should you decide to do that, you may be faced with a strong response yes or no but because there are literally hundreds of people to connect with, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Tricks for People Who Have Premature Ejaculation

Have you ever had an orgasm too quickly during a hot masturbation chat on your favorite dirty talk phone sex line? Well, you’re not alone: according to some studies, 20% to 30% of men complain about premature ejaculation. Don’t worry: there are different methods you can use to achieve a longer performance in the bedroom, and to cum while you chat with your favorite fuck buddy at exactly the right moment!

The easiest one is probably to wear a cock ring. This little sex toy is just a tiny elastic band made of stretchy TPE, PVC or silicone, intended to be worn at the base of your penis. It works by making more blood arrive into the corpora cavernosa, so your erection won’t only feel bigger and stronger, but also more durable. For even better results, place the ring around both your scrotum and penis.

A penis pump can be useful, too. It’s a vacuum device that instantly creates an erection by literally pumping the blood flow into the penis and, with regular use, it may also help you gain some inches of length and girth. But it can also make your boner last longer, according to the millions of men worldwide who use it everyday to improve their sexual performance.

There are also many gels, creams and sprays out there that reduce a little your penis’ sensitivity without affecting your sexual pleasure, thanks to herbal active substances like clove oil. Since they don’t contain local anesthetics such as lidocaine and benzocaine, like many drugs for premature ejaculation do, they let you live out your sexual fantasies to the fullest. You can also find delay condoms, which contain the same active principles.

Also, remember that you don’t have necessarily to hang up on the hot phone sex nympho you’re chatting with once you’ve reached the point of no return. Chatting about sex and talking in a sensual or intimate way can be fun even during your refractory period. After all, she may not have reached her orgasm yet, and she needs your help to achieve it with her sex toys or even her hands!

5 BDSM Games You Can Play While on the Phone Chat Platform

BDSM chastity games are incredibly hot! Our phone chat free trial for adults is full of kinksters who love engaging in this kind of kinky role-play. Of course, the most common form of this fetish is male chastity. Penis cages are readily available in every sex shop and online: they’re comfortable, safe and easy to clean. So, if the idea of having your willy restricted in a cage locked by a sexy key-holder, you’re definitely not alone. Ready to live out your fantasy?
Here are five sexy chastity games you can try during your next phone sex session:

Mix chastity role-play with sissy training. Your sexy Dominatrix will have you wear feminine lingerie, girly clothes and make-up, and then she’ll guide you over the phone to lock yourself in your chastity cage. Remember that she must know where you keep the key: a sealed envelope works very well.
Let her decide how many days/hours you must stay locked inside the device. The time-span depends mostly from your experience with chastity cages: if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to stay locked for a shorter amount of time than someone who’s already used to this kind of BDSM games. It’s best to start wearing the device by yourself an hour at a time before attempting to keep it for the whole day or to sleep in it.

Use specific apps for BDSM chastity play, such as ChastiKey. You can find it both on the Play Store and on the Apple App Store: with it, your phone sex buddy can control the amount of time you’ve been locked and augment/decrease the number of minutes, hours or days you’ll have to give up on orgasms.
Toss a coin. If it lands up heads, you’ll be able to free yourself from the device, while if it ends up with tails, you’ll have to stay locked more time according to the desires of the Mistress. You can do a very similar game with dice or a wheel of fortune.

Experiment with edging. During your sexy masturbation chat, your Dom might ask you to stop stimulating yourself exactly before your orgasm. This may sound difficult, but it’s very, very hot. She’ll decide when you can cum while you chat!

Narratophilia: Being Turned on By Sexy Words

Narratophilia is the favorite kink of many fans of wild phone sex. This word indicates sexual arousal that comes from saying or listening dirty words and telling exceptionally naughty stories to a partner, face-to-face or over the phone. It’s not news that talking dirty to a stranger can be incredibly hot, is it?

There are kinksters who can only get sexual arousal and pleasure by telling or listening to erotic stories filled with dirty words, exactly like many foot fetishists can’t achieve sexual pleasure without activities that involve the feet. Others simply prefer to fill their sexy time with lots and lots of dirty talking, but they also enjoy more traditional forms of sex. For both groups, the opportunity to meet hundreds of other guys and girls who share the same kink on their favorite amateur phone sex line is a blast!

There are not just fifty shades of narratophilia, but many more! This very common fetish may involve humiliation and domination phone sex, such as calling the partner a slut or a pig to enhance their sexual arousal. Other forms can consist in games during which you can share your fantasies with the other partner involved in a very descriptive way. Of course, there’s no need for euphemisms: a real kinkster loves dirty words!

In the past, doctors used to believe that narratophilia was more common among men than women, but today, we feel that this is not necessarily true anymore. Free trial adult phone numbers are full of girls and women who feel turned on by a stranger’s sexy voice and by his exceptionally dirty words. Obviously, each one of them will have her individual preferences about dirty talking: some prefer a more sensual and vanilla chat, while others won’t be afraid to engage in some seriously dirty phone sex.

This kind of kinky fetish play is very common among couples too. Many of them like to make their lovemaking sessions even hotter by describing in extreme detail what they’re doing in their bedroom to a stranger over the phone. It’s a very hot experience which may help to achieve a stronger bond between the two lovers.

Phone Chat is Better Than Online Dating and Here’s Why

Online dating is all the rage lately. There is website after website being created for all kinds of niches and preferences. But there are some issues that come along with online dating that phone dates and phone chats just don’t have to deal with. There are some major advantages of phone dating over online dating.
When you start to online date, you set up a profile, add pictures and have to put all your personal information out there. That means that anyone in your life could stumble upon your profile at any time. With phone chat, no one ever has to know that you are calling in unless you want them to. You have the freedom to share whatever you want or do not want to share and be the true authentic you without thinking someone may see that you would rather not see.
Getting messages and matches on online dating can either take forever or you’re constantly being matched with people that you would rather not be matched with. Being bombarded or just having to wait around are two sides of a coin that maybe you don’t want to flip. With phone chat, you can connect with people almost instantly. As quickly as you can dial the phone is as quickly as you can have a potential match on the line. This also means that you can hang up and call in to match someone else if you just are not meshing as much as you wanted to with your current chat partner.
Online dating is great for some people but if you want more freedom and to be able to be yourself more without waiting around phone chat is definitely for you!

Finding Love on a Phone Chat Line Can Be Sexy

Most people who hear about phone chat got lines are going to assume they are for sex but they are so much more than that. You can find love and companionship on a phone chat line. Lots of people are starting to phone date as well as just looking for friends that they can hang out with and discuss their day. Of course, if you are looking for sex that can be easy to find as well.
If you are looking for a real connection on a chat line don’t be afraid to be a little picky. There are so many people calling into the chat lines, they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they host people from all over the world. You can be picky and choosy saying you only want men or women who are near you or from a certain area. You also have the freedom to end a call if you do not feel it going anywhere since you can call right back and be connected to someone new.
Trying out things that are out of your comfort zone can also be a very good decision if you are looking for love on the chat line. There are so many different people out there and even if you think you have a type, trying something new may show you a whole new part of yourself. This could be the key to finding a long-lasting relationship.
Lastly, trust yourself. If something feels off or you just are not meshing, don’t try too hard. Thank them for their time and just hang up and try again. Settling will get you to places you do not want to be and you won’t find your perfect partner by settling. Try a few different chat lines, call around and find your true match!

How to Keep the Convo Going on Phone Chat

When you call into the chat lines you want to make sure that you can keep the conversation going. Especially if you have a really interesting partner on the line and you know that you want to talk to them longer. Or maybe you want to pas the time and you don’t want to hang up the phone quite yet. There are really simple and easy ways to effortlessly keep your partner interested and chatting with you.
Try asking about something that interests them. Usually, people can talk about their interests for hours and you will learn a lot about what kind of people they are and their personalities if you find out what they really like. This can be sexual or every day things that they like to do. You know that someone who loves to read or is into art may have a little more patience than someone else. Or people who love to hike or go to amusement parks have higher energy than most!
Ask your partner open-ended questions. Questions that can be answered with a yes or a no won’t tell you much about your new phone chat partner. Try asking them things that they need to answer in more than one word. Instead of asking “was your day good?” ask them how their day was and if anything interesting happened. This was you get the chance to allow them to talk longer about their day and be a little more open with you.
Being open with your phone chat partner is going to allow them to be more open as well. Share personal stories or funny things that happened to you. When you are vulnerable they feel as though they can share more personal things as well!
Overall just focus on having fun and getting to know the people who call into the chat lines! We are all here to make connections and share with others!

Cuckolding: a Different Way with Phone Chat

Being a cuckold is one of the sexiest things some men can think about. They love to watch and hear their wives or girlfriends being fucked by someone else. Or maybe you have never tried being a cuckold but it sounds like something you would like to try, or you can even be the other man to a cuck relationship? In whatever role you want to play, there are available chat lines for you.
With the ease of adult phone chats, it is quicker than ever to play out your cuckold fantasies. You can be in any role and get the same sexual gratification. You can be the man knowing and listening or you can be in the power position knowing someone is listening to you dirty talk their partner until she cums. You get to test out all your dirty talking and phone sex skills while pleasing not only one but two partners.
Using the adult phone chat lines you also be the one to call in and have the man on the other line have phone sex with your wife or girlfriend right in front of you, right now. You can have the phone on speaker and listen to him say all the dirty things your partner loves to hear. You can watch her get wetter and wetter as he gets her closer to orgasming. If you want to be loud or silent in the background, it’s totally up to you.
Phone chat is a great way to spice up or try out your fantasies and you can do it at any time of the day or night. You don’t have to wait for someone in real life to be available to you. With 24/7 access there is always someone ready and willing to play into your dirty games.