Online dating is all the rage lately. There is website after website being created for all kinds of niches and preferences. But there are some issues that come along with online dating that phone dates and phone chats just don’t have to deal with. There are some major advantages of phone dating over online dating.
When you start to online date, you set up a profile, add pictures and have to put all your personal information out there. That means that anyone in your life could stumble upon your profile at any time. With phone chat, no one ever has to know that you are calling in unless you want them to. You have the freedom to share whatever you want or do not want to share and be the true authentic you without thinking someone may see that you would rather not see.
Getting messages and matches on online dating can either take forever or you’re constantly being matched with people that you would rather not be matched with. Being bombarded or just having to wait around are two sides of a coin that maybe you don’t want to flip. With phone chat, you can connect with people almost instantly. As quickly as you can dial the phone is as quickly as you can have a potential match on the line. This also means that you can hang up and call in to match someone else if you just are not meshing as much as you wanted to with your current chat partner.
Online dating is great for some people but if you want more freedom and to be able to be yourself more without waiting around phone chat is definitely for you!