Have you ever had an orgasm too quickly during a hot masturbation chat on your favorite dirty talk phone sex line? Well, you’re not alone: according to some studies, 20% to 30% of men complain about premature ejaculation. Don’t worry: there are different methods you can use to achieve a longer performance in the bedroom, and to cum while you chat with your favorite fuck buddy at exactly the right moment!

The easiest one is probably to wear a cock ring. This little sex toy is just a tiny elastic band made of stretchy TPE, PVC or silicone, intended to be worn at the base of your penis. It works by making more blood arrive into the corpora cavernosa, so your erection won’t only feel bigger and stronger, but also more durable. For even better results, place the ring around both your scrotum and penis.

A penis pump can be useful, too. It’s a vacuum device that instantly creates an erection by literally pumping the blood flow into the penis and, with regular use, it may also help you gain some inches of length and girth. But it can also make your boner last longer, according to the millions of men worldwide who use it everyday to improve their sexual performance.

There are also many gels, creams and sprays out there that reduce a little your penis’ sensitivity without affecting your sexual pleasure, thanks to herbal active substances like clove oil. Since they don’t contain local anesthetics such as lidocaine and benzocaine, like many drugs for premature ejaculation do, they let you live out your sexual fantasies to the fullest. You can also find delay condoms, which contain the same active principles.

Also, remember that you don’t have necessarily to hang up on the hot phone sex nympho you’re chatting with once you’ve reached the point of no return. Chatting about sex and talking in a sensual or intimate way can be fun even during your refractory period. After all, she may not have reached her orgasm yet, and she needs your help to achieve it with her sex toys or even her hands!