Narratophilia is the favorite kink of many fans of wild phone sex. This word indicates sexual arousal that comes from saying or listening dirty words and telling exceptionally naughty stories to a partner, face-to-face or over the phone. It’s not news that talking dirty to a stranger can be incredibly hot, is it?

There are kinksters who can only get sexual arousal and pleasure by telling or listening to erotic stories filled with dirty words, exactly like many foot fetishists can’t achieve sexual pleasure without activities that involve the feet. Others simply prefer to fill their sexy time with lots and lots of dirty talking, but they also enjoy more traditional forms of sex. For both groups, the opportunity to meet hundreds of other guys and girls who share the same kink on their favorite amateur phone sex line is a blast!

There are not just fifty shades of narratophilia, but many more! This very common fetish may involve humiliation and domination phone sex, such as calling the partner a slut or a pig to enhance their sexual arousal. Other forms can consist in games during which you can share your fantasies with the other partner involved in a very descriptive way. Of course, there’s no need for euphemisms: a real kinkster loves dirty words!

In the past, doctors used to believe that narratophilia was more common among men than women, but today, we feel that this is not necessarily true anymore. Free trial adult phone numbers are full of girls and women who feel turned on by a stranger’s sexy voice and by his exceptionally dirty words. Obviously, each one of them will have her individual preferences about dirty talking: some prefer a more sensual and vanilla chat, while others won’t be afraid to engage in some seriously dirty phone sex.

This kind of kinky fetish play is very common among couples too. Many of them like to make their lovemaking sessions even hotter by describing in extreme detail what they’re doing in their bedroom to a stranger over the phone. It’s a very hot experience which may help to achieve a stronger bond between the two lovers.