If you’ve ever spent any significant amount of time in jail, you know how it is once you’re released. The sweet smell of fresh air, and that yawning feeling deep inside you that whispers “freedom” washes over you, and you gorge on the fast food you’ve been craving, all that’s left to do next is get back into the swing of your life. But things are different, now. Folks look at you with a hint of distrust in their eyes.

Finding a new job is tricky, because you’ve got a record now, even if the crime you committed has nothing to do with your character or your abilities to be reliable and work hard. Old friends either have wives that won’t let you come over, or the ones that would, you know better than to get in contact with ever again. Your family is grateful that you’re out, but they don’t have the means to support you until you get back on your feet again. You’ve paid your debt to society, but that doesn’t mean you’re welcome back in it.

Your C.O.’s words echo in your head, about how you’re getting a fresh start, a new lease on life, and you’d better prove that you deserve it. You found a job and a place to stay, and laid out plans to move to a different town where folks don’t know your name, a whole new community where they won’t look at you with shame. So you bust your butt, save up some cash, and submit your resume online. You get hired! You pack up your meager possessions, and hit the road. You find a new place to stay, and spend a few days getting familiar with this new town before putting your nose to the grindstone to keep this new opportunity.

Once you’re all settled into a routine that works, and have made friends with your coworkers, life starts to feel like it’s back to normal. Then, normal starts to feel a little empty, when your coworkers show off their new BBQ grills and their smiling wives and kids playing on the back lawn. You realize you need someone, too.

You’re too smart to let your friends hook you up with anyone they know, and you don’t have the spare cash to buy into that whole online dating thing, plus, you don’t want anyone from your past finding you. Your best bet is phone dating! You can meet hundreds of local singles and stay completely anonymous, until you decide otherwise.

Get to know them before you bring them into your life, and have a much better chance of keeping them in your life, because you’ve already bonded through weeks of phone time! When you’re ready and sure, you can introduce them into your new life, and start feeling truly normalized!