DJ Khaled is always on his phone giving us motivational chats, hilarious Snapchat videos and a look inside being the king of Miami. He might’ve just been dethroned after a 2014 interview from New York’s Power 105.1 radio morning show, “The Breakfast Club” surfaced this year. In the video, the hit maker is chatting it up with the radio hosts when he tells them that he doesn’t give his wife head but only receives it from her because he a “king.”

The old clip obviously went viral with everyone getting on the phone to bash the DJ for this double standard. This included many celebrities reacting to Khaled’s comments on not pleasuring his wife from the likes of internet personality and actress Brittany Furlan, comedian and actor Billy Eichner and actress and Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood who said that the DJ is “missing out.” The greatest response and one we loved was the WWE’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who had a very TMI response, which included him letting the world he can eat a good pussy.

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