My story is a lot like other guys’. I used to date girls just to hook up with them. And when I’d worn out my welcome with my regular pieces of ass, I’d call into a dating line and always find a new girl to get with. No one knew how I met all these fine chicks, but my buddies were always impressed, trying to steal them away when I wasn’t looking. I was a real player!

But then I met and fell in love with a woman I worked with, and we got married and then got pregnant, so we had to move to the state where her family lived so we’d get all the support and stuff we’d need. I bought her a house, and then a minivan when we found out we were having twins. Two of everything, including two jobs, just to make it all work. But we were happy, and my daughters brought me endless amounts of joy! Then, we got pregnant with twins, again, and shit just started falling apart.

I was working too many hours, not home enough to help her with the kids. But she wouldn’t go back to work so I could quit my second job and be home to help, and then she pissed her mom off so we no longer had any kind of babysitter. It just got worse and worse, to the point that I was sleeping in the garage or on the couch because she didn’t like the way I mowed the lawn on Sunday, or because I couldn’t learn how to french braid their ponytails or whatever. Apparently, I couldn’t even change a diaper right.

We got divorced, and she insisted I move back to my home state because I could make more money to pay her in child support than I could keeping her in spousal support living there. So I did, just to keep her happy, but I lost everything. My kids, my house, my wife, everything. Then, a few months later, she got remarried! I had been kicked to the curb so hard, I was sure that death would be better than living in this vacuum.

I was so lonely, one night, after hanging out with some buddies and we were talking about the old days. I wondered if those chat lines were still around, so I dialed up and found out that there were even more girls on there than 10 years ago. I started slow, just making conversation and trying to get a grip on who I was becoming, moving past being a battered husband, but not falling back into just self identifying as a man whore. After meeting a few girls, I finally found one I could start my life all over with! I never would have met her if it weren’t for that one phone call, in the middle of the night. The chat lines really saved my life – and gave me a whole new lease on a future full of love and care and encouragement!