Surprising! Research shows that happy people have more sex.
Is your relationship with your partner currently lacking affection? If you answered yes then it’s time to start making some to have more sex, that’s what four studies of committed couples concluded.

“Sex makes you feel good, not just because it releases more hormones or endorphins but also because you will feel more affection with your partner,” said clinical psychologist Anik Debrot. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, affection is a very important reason that sex feels good to you.”

We’ve all heard about “the glow” you supposedly get after you have mind-blowing sex, well it’s true. Anyone who’s had that good fuck session knows what it’s like to experience the post-sex glow. You have a better look on life, have an extra spring in your step and everything is just a little bit brighter. Another study on the sexual “afterglow” said it can last up to 48 hours and can even be linked to how happy you are in your relationship in the long-term.

Affectionate touch is a huge part of a couple’s happiness. In the first two studies, researchers polled American men and women in romantic relationships that ranged from four months to 30 years. They were asked about how many times they have sex and their level of positive emotion, but also were asked how many times they touched or showed other signs of affection.

Obviously, those who had more sex had better health and well-being in their relationships, but it was from affectionate touch. When couples keep sex alive in their relationship they are happier. A way to keep the sex constantly intact in your relationship whether it is new or 20+ years old is to always warm up to the relationship. This includes more touch and non-sexual affection as well as higher level of care for your partner’s overall needs.

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