When you think of seniors you don’t necessarily think of sex. The sex lives of senior citizens aren’t on your TV screen or seen in publications across the country, hence why the elderly have gotten the stereotype of being asexual. Our phone chat lines contradict that stereotype since our phone lines are for every age, we connect tons of seniors for love, sex and friendship. According to new findings from the National Poll on Aging, they wouldn’t be surprised to hear that many seniors are calling into our chat lines for sex.

The University of Michigan Institute did a poll for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, the poll had over 1,000 Americans. The poll discovered that 40 percent of people between ages 65 and 80 are sexually active. It didn’t matter where or not they had a partner, two-thirds of the elderly said they’re still interested in sex and more than half said that sex is important for their quality of life.

You go, granny and gramps!

A sex therapist said she still treats men and women well into their 80s with their sex life, sexual health and sexual satisfaction. Even though our sexual functioning changes as we get older, it’s simply not true that seniors aren’t sexually active. This doesn’t mean Ethel and Norman and banging every night, or even want to have intercourse. The actual word “sex” garners a new definition for the elderly and the word is expanded for seniors, says sex therapist Lawrence Siegel. “The focus tends to be more on intimacy, erotic connection, self-validation and feelings of satisfaction rather than performance, ‘potency’ and orgasm.” Basically, seniors are generally less concerned with the actual act of sex and focus more on feelings of closeness or intimacy.

Older couples may prefer more intimate and erotic activities like kissing and touching, especially if one of the partners is limited in their movement for certain sex positions. That is another reason why our phone sex lines get some many calls from seniors because it’s so easy for them to sit down at home, get comfortable and get the pleasure of sex without having to exert much energy. Also, we connect you with like-minded people and if you want someone in your age range we will connect you with someone in whatever age range you are looking for.

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