A sacred slut can be either a man or a woman who completely owns her or his sexuality and is truly embracing self and not ashamed for being sexual and sensual. You can share you being a sacred slut on the chat lines by helping others open up to their own sexuality and encouraging others to do so. Unfortunately, we live in a repressed state in terms of sexuality. All people or most people are sexual but not many people talk openly about it. Things are slowly changing from that regimine to being more open and honest about sex and truly enjoying pleasure. On the chat lines, many people feel free to express their desires to others. Some feel shy about doing that especially if they are new to phone dating. Helping people get out of their shell can really open individual’s eyes to understand that all people are sexual beings and that it’s a beautiful thing.

The past is the past and you are one of the few people who have evolved with that kind of sentiment of letting old concepts of things that were repressing people go. Be proud! Make sure you get on the chat lines and meet other sacred sluts and help other people who may be repressed see that it’s okay to be sensual and receive pleasure. It’s also great to give pleasure. Pleasure make people happy and everyone deserves to be happy!

The chat lines are open 24 hours a day and every day of the week and there are always people ready to chat with someone like you. It doesn’t all have to be sex related but it could depending on your desires. You can connect with someone as soon as you call in and talk about anything you want. If for some reason a person on the chat lines is not a good fit, just hang up and call the chat lines and speak with someone new.