Home improvement season starts long before spring, but gets into full gear as soon as the last frost. It’s time to get out there and replace those winter wrecked gutters and storm shutters. Add a fresh coat of paint after you’ve replaced those creaky front steps and that busted up looking banister. Fertilize the yard and give the lawn it’s first mow of the season, then spruce up those flower beds with some drip irrigation lines and plant about a hundred gorgeous, colorful annuals and a fresh layer of mulch. You’re sweating up a storm, but it’s all worth it!

Because you’ve met a sweet little lady on the phone, and you’re getting ready to have her over for the first time! It all started a few weeks ago, through a group chatline, and you really liked the sound of her voice, and what she had to contribute to the conversation. You started talking, one-on-one, and found out just how much you two really do have in common. Then, you finally got up the nerve to invite her over when she shared how much she really loves barbeque! You took one look around, and determined you’d better spruce up your place, first!

Before this, you’ve always been known as the “hard worker” and the “nice guy”, but never the “exciting and adventurous” guy who draws women to him like a magnet. But you were smart enough to go outside your comfort zone, and meet local women outside your small social circle, to search for love based on personality, rather than trendy bar hopping.

Because you know that when she shows up, she’s going to take one look around, then feel her heart flutter that you remembered her favorite flower and planted them right up the front walk. Then her jaw is going to drop when she sees the deck all set up for a super romantic backyard barbeque. Finally, she’ll look back at you, and all she’ll see is a keeper!!